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News of the hotel

A stay by the sea to recharge your batteries

The sea attracts, captivates, exerts on us a fascination, the ocean casts a spell, it is endowed with a mysterious attractiveness which produces in us a sensation of well-being, it generates happiness, fills us with energy.
Just looking at the sea and we react positively. A state of relaxation, of calm appears, a feeling of well-being settles down, our concerns are reduced.
Just walking in the warm sand, hearing the sound of the waves and feeling the coolness of the salt breeze comforts us. The sea air makes breathing easier.
The panorama, the sound and the movement of the sea favor relaxation.
Our body and mind react to environments that benefit them.
See you soon.

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Hôtel de la Plage | Quiberon

Weekend ideas : hiking on the wild coast

Breathtaking views, the fresh sea air and the sun on your face...  Quiberon peninsula offers 40 kilometres of marked footpaths along the wild coast and within easy reach of the hotel.…
Hôtel de la Plage | Quiberon

Belle-île : full speed ahead !

Discover the life of an islander for a day on Belle-Ile !  The ferry port is located a 5 minute drive from the hotel.  Climb aboard with the Compagnie Océane for a 45 minute…
Hotel de la Plage Saint Pierre Quiberon en Bretagne Sud